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E33 Productions is a student run company offering a range of technical theater services. Below is information about requesting our services and a list of some of the services we offer to the MIT community. If you don't see something there that you'd like us to try, please email us at with your request and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Show Reservations

Please email us at with any show requests or inquiries that you have. If you have a show request, please provide us with:

If you do not know specifically what kind of lighting you would like for your show, we offer lighting design services. We have experience in many venues across campus, so we can recommend lighting set ups for you.

We do our best to take every show request that we receive. However, we have a limited amount of equipment and staff, so reservations should be made at least 2 weeks prior to your event to increase the likelihood that we can work for you. We do consider short notice shows, but it is less likely that we will be available.

You will be contacted by our Chief Operating Officer within 3 days of your request; this person will determine whether or not we are available for your event. You will then be contacted by a Production Manager for your event by 4-14 days before your event (or earlier for more intensive events). Your Production Manager is your main contact with E33. Your Production Manager will send you a quote for the event once the details for your event have been finalized.


You will be sent an invoice within a week after your event. If you are an MIT group with a SAO account number, we will automatically bill you through SAO. Otherwise, we accept transfers to our SAO account (cost object 2720744). Special arrangements can be made if necessary.

For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page.

Lighting Services

E33 offers a wide range of lighting services. You can hire us to design, hang, and run the lighting for your show. You can also hire us to hang and run your show's pre-designed plot. You can rent our equipment from us without hiring workers if you have members who are knowledgeable about lighting equipment.

E33 can buy expendables such as tape or gel for your group; many groups find it easier to buy expendables from E33 instead of external MIT companies. E33 has purchase orders open with various local theatrical supply companies, making it easy for us to buy supplies for you.

Similarly, E33 can rent equipment from outside vendors for your group because of our open purchase orders with external rental companies. If you desire, we can rent, hang, and operate equipment for you from an outside vendor in case we don't have what you want in stock.

Rates for equipment, expendables, and worker hours are available on our pricing page. A partial list of our available equipment can be found on the same page.

Examples of our previous work can be found on our portfolio page.

Non-lighting Services

E33 offers a small range of non-lighting type services which includes but is not limited to:

We occasionally get requests for photography or film equipment. Unfortunately, photography/film and theatrical lighting require different types of equipment, so we usually cannot help with these requests. For photography/film requests, we usually refer people to MIT Technique, the photography student group on campus.


E33 is comprised of a wide range of skilled, experienced theatrical technicians from varying backgrounds. All of these technicians are available for theatrical consultations. Hire us to give our opinions and suggestions on what would be best for your group's event.